Feet on the ground, eyes on the future.

Founded by Whitey Steyn and Boris Basso, DPP began its journey in plastic manufacturing in 2008 with a single bottom sealer bag maker for the agricultural market and 4 loyal employees.

From the very beginning

we understood that to build a successful business with a healthy ethos, we had to put our people at the core of what we do.

We’ve always considered our team to be more than just staff, they’re family, each regarded as indispensable assets with their own story and pivotal role in the business.

At its’ purest, our family-oriented philosophy

believes that any business can purchase and operate industry-leading equipment, it’s the quality of the people behind the machinery that truly differentiates a business. 

We’re always looking ahead and constantly seeking improvement, which is why we joined forces with value-adding investment holding company, Alkemy Investments. This landmark transaction has brought focus to co-executing a packaging platform build-up strategy, and taking our first steps towards bringing in empowered ownership to DPP, with aspirations of attaining BBEE level 2 within 12 months.

Let’s solve your packaging needs, together.